Airline Sales & Marketing(GSA)

OFC can act as GSA of airlines. We can take a role of almost all function needed for Airline’s branch office. Please feel free to contact us from the form below.

Our Services

Sales & Marketing/Admn/Advertising/Public Relations

  • Passenger
  • Cargo

Ground Handling coordination

  • Maintenance
  • Catering
  • PAX & CGO handling etc.

Slot application

CIQ coordination

ATC coordination

Filing to Government

  • Business License(Application/Permission for International Air Transport Service by foreign carrier)
  • Fares(Passenger Air Fare/Cargo Rates)
  • Schedules of International flights

Security Support

  • Security Program
  • Security Training
  • Self Audit etc.
  • Security Manager arrangements

Charter coordination(MLIT/JCAB application, slot application etc.)